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At Renegades Volleyball Club, our goal is to build the complete athlete from mindset to skillset, and to teach & be examples of the values of respect, honor and teamwork. We offer area volleyball players exceptional training to improve their skills and help them attain their personal aspirations.

Our club travels and plays in tournaments in and around Texas as well as competes against teams at qualifying events from all over the United States. To date, we’ve had 90% of our players sign at the collegiate level. Our ultimate goal is to continue on this path, to achieve a 100% success rate.

Renegades Volleyball Club was founded in 2008, and has recently acquired new ownership under Jyra Churchill in 2021.

our mission

The mission of Renegades Volleyball Club is to encourage our athletes and coaches in their pursuit of excellence in volleyball. Providing a high-level of technical training, we strive to instill the values of teamwork, commitment, mental toughness, self-discipline, responsibility and leadership. At Renegades, we aim to give every athlete the opportunity to be the best they can be both on and off the court.


We intend to empower our players with confidence, positivity and belief in themselves. These are tools vital to helping them achieve the highest level of success in both volleyball and life.

We desire to have our athletes love the game as much as we do, and together we will establish a culture of positivity, hard work, and accountability.

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    belief in themselves


Renegades is committed to integrity, organization and the constant investment in our players, coaches and staff.

We are a respectful, competitive, and positive training environment where ALL athletes regardless of skill or experience look forward to practice. Players recognize and aspire to Renegades' high standards, respect coaches and teammates, and work enthusiastically to continually improve.

We have a growth mindset and focus on technical training with repetitions at every skill/position, resulting in exceptionally high volleyball IQ across our membership.

We train mindfully and with accountability, expecting all of our teams to compete fiercely and confidently. While building the self-belief and teamwork synergy of our players through sport, we expect to win tournaments, reach podiums, and acquire scholarships. We believe in the power of intention and the infinite power of our minds and mindset. We strive to share this power with those who come into our gym .