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Our specialized sports performance training program focuses on enhancing strength, conditioning, explosiveness, quickness, and balance to elevate your game and prevent injuries. Designed specifically for volleyball athletes, our program helps you build the physical foundation needed for peak performance on the court. Join us to improve your power, agility, and overall athleticism, ensuring you stay at the top of your game while staying injury-free.

meet coach Alex poole


With over a decade of experience developing elite volleyball talent, Coach Alex Poole brings unmatched expertise and dedication to the Youth Volleyball Strength and Conditioning Camp. Coach Poole's extensive experience and proven track record of success make him an invaluable asset to the Renegades Volleyball Club and young athletes aspiring to excel in volleyball. His commitment to fostering athletic excellence and personal growth ensures that each participant in the camp receives top-tier training and mentorship. 

Professional Background:

  • Head Strength Coach, Texas Southern University (2013-2015): During his tenure, Coach Poole played a pivotal role in helping the team clinch the SWAC WEST Division Championship, working closely with several All-Conference players.
  • Director of Sports Performance, Houston Juniors Volleyball Club: As the former director, he spearheaded the athletic development programs, contributing significantly to the club's success.
  • Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach, University of Houston: In his current role, Coach Poole continues to enhance the performance of collegiate athletes with cutting-edge training techniques.
  • Owner, The Lab Performance Center, Houston, Texas: Coach Poole has trained over 60 Division 1 and professional volleyball players at his facility, fostering their growth and preparing them for high-level competition. 

Notable Athletes Trained:

  • Skylar Fields (UT/USC)
  • Anita Anwusi (LSU)
  • Sanaa Dotson (OU/LSU)
  • Alia Williams (LSU)
  • Erika Williams (Penn State)
  • Erin Fairs (Louisville)
  • Bria Merchant (SMU)
  • Kennedy Jones (Army West Point Commit)